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Getting married in Bali will make your day extra special. Here’s why.
Everyone agrees that Bali is a spectacularly beautiful place. The lush greenery, the breath-taking views, excellent food options and the wonderful local people…all of these combine to make Bali an ideal tourist destination. But why treat it only as a tourist spot? If you are planning your wedding this year, why plan it in your neighbourhood? You could just get married in Bali!

Why choose Bali?
In recent years, many couples have taken the opportunities to start their married lives together in Bali. Extravagant Bali weddings seem like the perfect solution to any and every person looking to have the most wonderful wedding day in every manner possible. A wedding day is special not just because one is getting married to one’s love, but because one is celebrating the power of that love in the presence of close friends and family. Bali offers the perfect setting to create this magic.
Since many couplesand their families choose Bali for their wedding day, the place has many different options to offer. Bali weddings have now become quite a rage, especially among people from the West, who don’t mind flying their families and loved ones across the seas for the wedding of a lifetime.
What can one expect?
Apart from its scenic locations, Bali also boasts of excellent weather almost all year-round. Do your research before you book a resort for yourself and your family. When you choose to get married in Bali depends on what kind of wedding you are looking at. If you want an outdoor wedding in the sunlight, choose Bali’s summer months – but book early, because most people opt for summer weddings in Bali.
Apart from the resort bookings, you will also need to plan your flight tickets on time – remember, Bali is primarily a tourist spot, so flights are normally full in the good-weather seasons. Also, be sure to pick a recommended caterer (the resort will recommend a few good names, if they don’t have a caterer attached to the establishment already), the decorator, flower supplier, furniture contractor, etc. Also look up options to provide transport from the airport to the wedding venue for guests who fly in late.
What else should you know?
The costs associated with a Balinese wedding depend entirely on the scale of the celebrations you plan. You can get cost-effective solutions or you can get a grand wedding if you decide to splurge. Either way, check every last detail yourself – you don’t want to reach Bali and be shocked!
There are options to choose Balinese ritualistic weddings; in fact, your wedding planner will also recommend the same. These are fun experiences that you will cherish all your life – and your families and guests will cherish the experience as well.

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